Top 8 Benefits of a Digital Marketing for Small Business

Traditional marketing doesn’t have as much power anymore now that almost everything is online. Digital marketing is increasing by as much as 137%. While most big companies have made the switch toward digital marketing, many small companies are hesitant on making the switch to digital. There are many benefits for a small business to use digital marketing, including saving money while reaching a targeted audience.

  1. Digital Marketing Connects you with consumers– In this day and age no one hardly ever uses a phone book to look up information on a product of service, everyone turns to the internet to get their information. Having your business market online connects you with much more consumers considering at least 80% of consumers use the internet to get this information.
  2. Digital marketing allows you to reach out to targeted audiences– Being able to have the control to target certain audiences allows your business to generate greater leads and higher conversion rates.
  3. Digital marketing can save you money– Growing your social network is a huge part of digital marketing and networks such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are easy to use and cost nothing to sign up for.
  4. Digital Marketing Enables Real-Time Customer Service– Having your business online means connecting with your customers is easy and convenient for everyone. Real time response mechanism offered by digital marketing can have a big impact on the success of your business.
  5. Digital Marketing Delivers Higher ROI– Digital marketing can help generate better Cost-Per-Lead compared to traditional marketing, making the investment of digital marketing worth it.
  6. Digital Marketing keeps you in line with your competitors– Almost every business wants to be bigger and better than their competitors. If your competitors are using digital marketing campaigns, then your business should as well.
  7. Digital Marketing can help you compete with large corporations– Using digital marketing opens a door that enables you to compete with large corporations because you will be using the same media platforms as them.
  8. Digital Marketing Prepares you for the future– The internet and technology changes and grows each and every day. It is projected that in the year 2020 there will be 26 billion smartphones, watches, tablets etc. Technology will never go away so it is smart to start using it now.