Who Empowers Your Business?

Web Design and Digital Marketing

Responsive Web Design

Make sure your site looks good on any device


Search (SEO)

Get Relevant with Paid and Organic Search (Search Engine Optimization)

Social Media

Engage your customers where they are

Email Marketing

Discover the ROI of email

Customer Analysis

Get actionable insight from Customer behavior


Create an online presence that reflects you and your customer experience

What Use A Digital Marketing Agency?

Livnup designs and develops websites to help engage and grow customers, audiences, and interest for small businesses. We strive to create a complete online experience for your audience by leveraging and integrating social media and digital marketing with your brand.

Why Us

Our process separates us from other design or development firms. Livnup has over 15 years of developing websites and bringing online applications to market and has over 10 years of experience leading projects for online and digital marketing.

Our Process

At livnup we understand the process starts with understanding your business needs. We work with our customers to help them articulate their concepts into actionable and effective solutions. We use a flexible process so that our customers can focus on their most immediate difference makers while ensuring we are providing the most cost effective solution.